Night Skis

Night Ski Preparation Tips

1.  Bring a light!  A LED Petzl headlamp is recommended. Buy one from MEC, Bushtukka, Trailhead, etc.  They cost about $60 - $80 and provide the minimum amount of light one needs. If you have a helmet mounted bike light, bring it. (and a helmet).

2. Dress warmly.  Typical temps are -10 to -15 for our night skis. You start out cold and there's no sun to warm you up!  It's not until the first climb that you start to get warm.   It is suggested one wears 3 layers, a toque/beenie and warm gloves.  Bring a change of clothes or at least something warm to put on after the ski.

3. Bring food/water and a cellphone. Typically Gatorade and some energy/chocolate bars. Cell phone is just in case people get separated or have a fight with a tree!   Bring a post ski warm up drink of your choice!

4. Try to pre-wax your skis because it's cold waiting outside for others to get ready.

5.  Have fun and enjoy the experience of skiing the trails from a whole different perspective!

For information when night skis are planned please refer to the Facebook Page.  Tours are typically 1.5 to 2 hours. The pace is 'good' but frequent stops are made at intersections so we always make sure everyone is accounted for.

We determine the ski routes that night but they typically include a visit to Crossroads Shelter.  Depending on how people are feeling, they could be longer or shorter.  Sometimes we will split into smaller groups and those that want to go longer can while those who want to go back for a warm drink do so.